Wednesday, June 17, 2009

MS Support Groups 2.0

Last year I interviewed a woman who created a support group on SecondLife for people with MS to talk and support one another for the National MS Society (read the article here). I've joined countless groups on Facebook and Spark People to network with other people who are like me.

But I still don't feel any closer to understanding how we all cope with the disease.

In a world of Web 2.0 and instant access to information, why don't we have instant access to people? I know, it's the same old story. But I envision a better way.

I want to meet young professionals with MS! I want to meet people who, like me, cope with the illness in extraordinary ways and don't suffer many symptoms because of the advances in technology.

I learned yesterday that Colorado has the highest incidences of MS in the U.S. I just moved here in August, so I certainly don't blame the state for my condition, but it is curious that there aren't more support groups to go around.

Across the nation there are many groups just like this, but it feels like Denver is missing the mark. I plan to start my own support group with the help of the National MS Society - I just hope there's a market for it!

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  1. I am so excited. You live in Colorado? I live in Denver and belong to an excellent young people's support group. We meet again in August if you are interested.