Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hot heat, and cold chai

It's too hot!

I know everyone with MS understands what I mean when I say it's too hot. We had a video shoot today, and the added stress of carrying the equipment through the 80ยบ heat was almost too much.

But I must say the video is coming along very well.

We're working on a volunteer video project for the National MS Society, dedicated to recruiting more volunteers and appreciating all of the hard workers out there.

This weekend is Colorado's Bike MS - just a few days away! I'm a little indimidated to be a Crew Coordinator for the first time, but it should be a great weekend. I'm in charge of Team Village and can't wait to see all of the decorations/events teams are planning for their tents. It's going to be wild.

And maybe a little too hot.

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  1. 58 degree highs and 52 degree lows in Carmel this week... = )